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RWBY Volume 7 Episode 1 Review

I was very excited for this new premiere episode. Maybe even more so than previous volumes. I’ve been following RWBY since the volume three finale and every year, look forward to a new premiere, to see what adventures the main hunters and huntresses go on.

I’ll be posting a review for RWBY’s premiere volume for this year, in addition to the finale volume. As a heads up, this will contain some spoilers for previous volumes and a pretty big spoiler for the first episode. If you didn’t see the first episode, please wait to read this review if you want to avoid spoilers.

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RWBY: The Problem With Salem


Chapter three of volume six was recently released for Rooster Teeth first members. There have been recent revelations to the ongoing RWBY story which have had mixed reception among fans, mainly when it comes to the main antagonist, Salem. If you have not watched this episode yet, please note that there will be major spoilers to the story line.

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