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In Response to Anime Convention Cancellations and the Coronavirus

News about the Coronavirus/CO-VID19 outbreak have swept much of the media, both online on social media websites and on television. As days  have progressed, so has the outbreak. It resulted in school closures and businesses– many employees have stopped commuting and began working remotely  As a precaution and in reaction to the pandemic, several conventions and gatherings have been cancelled. Kogaracon and Zenkaikon are just two of the cancelled events, though there are dozens more. Animecons is a good resource and it shows the extent of the cancellations. 

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A Guide to Eating at Conventions

With convention season coming up, I wanted to make a guide on eating at conventions! At conventions, there sometimes are misconceptions that fast food or junk food is the only options to get by a weekend. But the truth is…you won’t be able to get through a convention with instant ramen alone.

I have been going to conventions for almost a decade. I have gotten into a routine over the years and have found what works for me. Although this guide may not work for every con goer, I still wanted to share some tips! This is from the point of view with someone who has a few food allergies. I noticed there was a lack of guides on the subject and made sure to add some allergy-related suggestions.

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AnimeNYC 2019 Review: My Mixed Thoughts

About the Con:

AnimeNYC 2019 was the con’s third year. It took place on November 15th-November 17th in the same location, the Javits Center. According to AnimeNYC, about 40,000 people attended this year—twice the amount of people who attended for the first year. The con has grown exponentially, with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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Shikkaricon 2019 Review

Shikkaricon took place at the William Way Community Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 19th and 20th.
Although this anime and gaming con made a switch from its original location at the Spin Community Fitness Center, the date remained the same as organizers transitioned to the new location. Organizers notified attendees about the change through Facebook, e-mail, and on the convention center website. Transitions to the new location was very smooth due to the consistent communication between organizers and attendees. The attendance cap did, however change to 150. Badges were sold out prior to the event .

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AnimeNEXT 2019 Review

About The Event

For its 2019 event, AnimeNEXT continued its fourth year in its (somewhat new) Atlantic City, New Jersey location! It moved from its humble location in Somerset, New Jersey once attendees outgrew the con center.  This was my ninth consecutive year attending this event. According to, there were about 11,000 attendees during last year’s event and this number seemed to increase this year, especially on Saturday. However, I heard from some folks that attendance may have taken a slight dip this year.

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Zenkaicon 2019: Pre-Convention Thoughts


Pre-Convention Thoughts:

Zenkaikon 2019 is once more, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania!  The area the convention is in is both trendy and developed, though has its own personality and charm, with modern coffee shops dotted around the area, and a wide variety of eateries to choose from. A few places such as farmer’s market are open throughout most of the weekend. and the area is very welcoming to attendees who stop by in costume. The reason why I mention the area is because I feel that sometimes, location is a big factor for events–and the area is among one of my favorites to visit.

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MAGFest 2018: Review

MAGfest was a last minute convention for me. It is a bit far from where I live and I used to attend Katsucon, an anime convention taking place in the same venue. But the atmosphere of Katsucon changed over the years and the main areas of the convention center became very crowded. I haven’t been in this area in a few years and missed seeing the Gaylord Convention Center in person. It is a gorgeous venue and I loved to be able to see it in person. Once my friend had an open spot in their  hotel, I joined in! My last con, AnimeNYC, was so-so, though this convention really stepped things up. MAGfest was definitely worth the trip!

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