My Thoughts on the TikTok Ban: Cosplay Edition

Update 9/22/2020:

The ban might be retracted due to a possible new deal between Walmart, according to a recent NPR post. Although the deal is pending, I wanted to update this post with the latest news.

What is TikTok?

TikTok–is–or rather- -was an app which was gaining popularity in the cosplay community. Users took videos of themselves interacting with other cosplayers, or showed off their latest cosplays.

This app will be banned in the coming days, due to security concerns. And many cosplayers are not happy about this.

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Staying Connected With Cosplay Friends During Quarantine

It can be hard to connect with cosplay friends due to the cancellation of in-person events, including gatherings, photoshoots, and of course, conventions. But there are ways I’ve learned to stay connected to others–I  wanted to pass these tips on!

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Cosplay and Priorities

I’ve been cosplaying for the past decade. A lot can change in ten years! I have noticed that my perspective on cosplay has changed. As I am getting older and am getting into my career–and finishing up my next degree in the next semester or so, I had an opportunity to talk with a few friends about the subject of priority and cosplay. My friend, DJ Ranma S, from Anime Jam Session also gave me the idea which motivated me to make this post.

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The Importance of ‘Cosplay Tests’

There has been something floating around on Instagram in the past few years or so known as ‘cosplay tests,’  Cosplay tests are when someone tests out their cosplay, trying on the main pieces, sometimes also putting on a full face of makeup. Tests can be partial, such as putting on one piece or so or some parts of makeup, or people can go all out and prepare as if they are attending an event.

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Mystery Shack Store Review: Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Wand

Mystery Shack is an online shop for and by fans, with merchandise from shows such as Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall. According to the company’s page, they work with artists, as well as other companies to make their products. The owner of the Mystery Shack, Micheal, works primarily as a one-man team, sometimes getting extra help from family during peak seasons.

I first saw their replica of Star’s wand from a show I like called Star Vs. The Forces of Evil on Amazon, but found that it was a little out of  my budget at of time and put off purchasing for a bit. Though I came across the Mystery Shack’s web page and found the same product on there for a better price. I also got a coupon with an additional discount by becoming a member and  getting points!

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My Cosplay History

I have been cosplaying ever since 2011–almost a decade! Cosplay has helped me not only learn about makeup, but most of all, has introduced me to a welcoming community and many good friends. I realized that I didn’t mention my cosplay history to others and figure it would make a great blog post.

When I was in my early teens, there was an event in Manhattan for the release of a Pokémon game–Diamond and Pearl. I saw someone on a stage, dressed up as one of the characters, Dawn.  I was fascinated to see this character come to life. Time passed and I discovered the person was cosplaying. The term ‘cosplay’ stuck in my mind.

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Starlit Creations Review


Brooch by Starlit Creations on Etsy

Starlit Creations is an Etsy shop and business which started about a decade ago. Handmade cosplay accessories are their specialty, though they do also have a related shop called Starnigh Industries, where there is more of a focus on embroidery work, especially handmade patches. Though this review will be on their main cosplay accessory storefront.

The small business has been on Etsy since 2011. They make handcrafted items, mostly made of resin. I have purchased from them in recent years and love the creativity, precision, and care they put into their work. I’ve worked with resin in the past and have struggled a bit with it, and really admire how they have a great handle on it. (Resin is essentially a liquid plastic, which can be dipped into molds to make items such as jewelry and accessories).

They make custom orders and I’ve made a few requests. We sometimes go back at forth while coming up with a good vision for the accessory I have in mind. Each accessory is packaged carefully in the mail, as well.  If an issue does arise, they give good and professional customer service. I do want to emphasize at the same time, that many of their items are a bit delicate, and should be handled with care.


Above are two other accessories I’ve ordered from the small business, with images from their online store. I chose an icicle-like pattern for Weiss’ crown for a custom order, and it is stunning in person. The brooch is also accurate, down to the details such as the loops and dangling pieces.

When I’m stumped on a cosplay accessory, they are usually the first people I go to for assistance. Many of their cosplay products are from Sailor Moon, which I believe is where they got their start. If you’re cosplaying as a sailor senshi and need a full set of accessories, or even need a final accessory to complete you’re cosplay, check this store out!