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Book Love by Debbie Tung Review

I have been wanting to read this comic collection ever since coming across it on social media. This short collection is about a young adult who enjoys reading. It covers various experiences with books, reading, and book-related interactions. This collection is in a watercolor-like style and is in all black and white.

But usually with comics in this format, the main focus (other than the art), is the comedy. Does the humor hold up?

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She-Ra: The Legend of The Fire Princess Graphic Novel Review

She-Ra and The Princesses of Power was a Netflix series and a reboot of the original 80’s She-Ra Princess of Power. Although I watched a few episodes of the Netflix series (and did not grow up with the original series), I did really love the designs of the main characters in the reboot, especially the main protagonist, She-Ra.

I came into this graphic novel with a bit of knowledge from the reboot. I admittedly did see spoilers on my feed from the finale. However, I was curious about the journey in between.

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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Review

This audiobook was a several-week journey, mainly due to juggling grad school and work. This audio book was twelve hours in length, but was worth the ride! I really looked forward to listening to this audiobook at my leisure.

Before I get into this book, I will be honest: it is the type of series people either love or dislike. There are quite a few tropes in this series. This book is about a special protagonist, a love triangle, and a royal rebellion. But I ended up really liking this book, due to the writing and narrator for the audiobook.

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Cat’s Cafe by Matt Tarpley Review

Cat’s Cafe by Matt Tarpley is an adorable comic anthology. I’ve occasionally came across a few of the comics on instagram. The premise of this anthology is simple: there are animals and creatures living in a small village who love to gather in a cat’s coffee shop. I picked up this book and fell in love with the cute art style. I thought the book would also be simple and comedic, but it had a lot more depth than I expected.

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Strange Planet by Nathan W. Pile Review

There’s a chance that Strange Planet comics may have popped up on your social media feed.  They’re about odd aliens who live lives similar to our own, but speak in a different dialect. The comics are amusing because of the dialogue, which is often rather deadpan, yet relatable.

Nathan W. Pile is the artist– he posts some of the comics featured in this book on his Instagram.  Below is an example of one of his comics!

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review

I have played  Animal Crossing series since the beginning. This series is pretty special to me. It holds fond memories from my childhood and it’s been amazing to see how this series has grown over the past two decades.

Does the newest title hold up to the prior games? I have had the game for almost a month and wanted to give enough game play time to reach a conclusion.

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Sailor Moon Colourpop Collection

Colourpop released a Sailor Moon makeup collection. This was apparently a  highly requested collection. The overwhelming demand of the items, particularly the palette , didn’t surprise me. It sold out during the initial release within minutes on the Colourpop website. Ulta then released it again. I went in-person and spoke to an employee, who said that customers were waiting outside of the door before opening to get the collection.  They were also received several with phone calls relating to the collection, as well. I was unable to get the entire collection due to many items selling out. But luckily, I picked up the majority of the items!

I only occasionally discuss makeup on my blog–I am not sure if my readership is familiar with some terminology and I will try to explain a few terms. I’m not a makeup professional and mainly wear makeup such as eye shadow for cosplay. But I am learning and love sharing tips.

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Always Fully Booked 2020 Reading Planner Review

This planner by Little Inklings Designs  is  a popular product among the online book community. It often sells out. It has also frequently been in my Facebook feed in lively discussions among book bloggers. Due to demand, the planner also goes live on set pre-order times.

So, why is this planner so popular?

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AnimeNYC 2019 Review: My Mixed Thoughts

About the Con:

AnimeNYC 2019 was the con’s third year. It took place on November 15th-November 17th in the same location, the Javits Center. According to AnimeNYC, about 40,000 people attended this year—twice the amount of people who attended for the first year. The con has grown exponentially, with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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RWBY Volume 7 Episode 1 Review

I was very excited for this new premiere episode. Maybe even more so than previous volumes. I’ve been following RWBY since the volume three finale and every year, look forward to a new premiere, to see what adventures the main hunters and huntresses go on.

I’ll be posting a review for RWBY’s premiere volume for this year, in addition to the finale volume. As a heads up, this will contain some spoilers for previous volumes and a pretty big spoiler for the first episode. If you didn’t see the first episode, please wait to read this review if you want to avoid spoilers.

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