With Your Library Card: Virtual Programming

This is the next part of a new series, called With Your Library Card! I made the first post in this series last month about digital items, such as audio books and eBooks. Despite the pandemic, libraries are still able to offer services in a safe way which promotes social distancing. This includes virtual programming! Libraries offer books, but so much more. They help communities and provide important resources. Patrons are still are able to have the opportunity to connect with many libraries, whether it be in person– or virtually!

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Discovering Audiobooks

I only discovered audiobooks in recent years on YouTube through advertisements of one of the audiobook services available through Amazon. I was curious about audiobooks, but considered myself a quick reader as I adapted to fast-paced courses on top of working. While in class, we quickly went through one book to another –sometimes several a week– and I needed to keep on top of assignments and readings. I was worried about the pacing of audiobooks and if I would be able to fit this different format with my schedule. But I was still curious. After reading academic articles and rhetoric for a few semesters, I wanted to be able to enjoy books at my leisure again–and become knowledgeable about a newer format.

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On Writing: Why I Create Original Characters (OCS)

The featured post image is by the artist, Katizua!

My original characters are fictional, but they are very important to me. I’ve seen so many articles about how to create an original character, though do not often hear about why writers make original characters. I wanted to talk about the topic here from my own personal experience. This topic is especially fun, as the answer can be rather subjective.

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Books · Reviews

Cat’s Cafe by Matt Tarpley Review

Cat’s Cafe by Matt Tarpley is an adorable comic anthology. I’ve occasionally came across a few of the comics on instagram. The premise of this anthology is simple: there are animals and creatures living in a small village who love to gather in a cat’s coffee shop. I picked up this book and fell in love with the cute art style. I thought the book would also be simple and comedic, but it had a lot more depth than I expected.

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Why I Sometimes DNF (Do Not Finish) Books

What does DNF mean?

It is a popular term in the book community, sometimes also called DNFing, it simply means ‘did not finish.’ People do not finish books for a few reasons. But in my experience, I find that I DNF a book when the writing style isn’t for me…or I’m not in the right head space to read heavier content/topics.

When I am curious about a book, whether it be due to the premise or interesting title, I sometimes look at reviews. Reviews are able to help me see what other readers think of the writing style, characters, and plot. When people are excited about a book and give positive reviews, it makes me want to read the book myself and experience the same type of excitement.

Sometimes I read a book and end up disliking it. I have to remind myself sometimes that books are subjective.

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Books · Reviews

Strange Planet by Nathan W. Pile Review

There’s a chance that Strange Planet comics may have popped up on your social media feed.  They’re about odd aliens who live lives similar to our own, but speak in a different dialect. The comics are amusing because of the dialogue, which is often rather deadpan, yet relatable.

Nathan W. Pile is the artist– he posts some of the comics featured in this book on his Instagram.  Below is an example of one of his comics!

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10 Gifts for Book Lovers

Although the holiday season is months away,  reminders for birthdays and special occasions  seem to pop up every so often on my feed. Sure, we may still be in quarantine, but finding gifts for fellow book lovers can be  quite fun! I wanted to make the  process a bit easier.

This list was inspired from the various social media posts I come across, where book lovers talk about fun items they enjoy. I’ve also included the cost of items, as well.

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