Recent Reads Roundup!

I have been trying to get back into reading again for fun. I graduated from university–and received my degree in the mail a few days before writing this post–and had been going through a bit of a reading slump. I think part of this slump was from excitement: I have so much to read, yet at the same time, the possibilities seem nearly endless. Still, something about holding the degree in my hands made this accomplishment all the more real.

The books I mention below are graphic novels and manga. I actually got into the habit of reading from graphic novels and manga growing up, so it’s an interesting way to get back to my roots!

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Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu Review

I sometimes came across this graphic novel on my social media feeds and really enjoyed the adorable art style and cover. The main character, Nova is a witch. She works in a magical bookshop which loans magical books. She then comes across her childhood friend and crush, Tam, who happens to be a werewolf. At the same time, a mysterious super natural enemy appears in town. Tam needs help with overcoming this enemy–and Nova steps in to help. The two girls rekindle their friendship, working together and making new discoveries, while also navigating their own feelings towards each other.

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Making Reading Goals For the New Year

I’ve realized that I’m am not the type of person who likes new year’s resolutions. They work for some folks, but for me, making massive yearly reading goals has always been a bit daunting. Overtime I’ve recognized that smaller goals are more attainable for me–and have the potential to turn into larger-scale goals.

Despite my thoughts on new year’s resolutions, transitioning from one year to another does give a good opportunity to reflect and work on smaller goals!

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With Your Library Card: Virtual Programming

This is the next part of a new series, called With Your Library Card! I made the first post in this series last month about digital items, such as audio books and eBooks. Despite the pandemic, libraries are still able to offer services in a safe way which promotes social distancing. This includes virtual programming! Libraries offer books, but so much more. They help communities and provide important resources. Patrons are still are able to have the opportunity to connect with many libraries, whether it be in person– or virtually!

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🎃Trick-or…Read-a-thon! 🎃

What are Read-a-thons, Anyway?

Read-a-thons are usually small events, generally with a set time-limit, where people read with a set goal in mind, usually in terms of page count or amount of books read. Read-a-thons often have fun prompts and themes!

Because I am in graduate school and work part-time, it is difficult for me to participate in read-a-thons. I am currently juggling about four large-scale projects in my classes, one of the projects is actually this blog!

But I wanted to spread the word about my friend’s second annual read-a-thon and show my support.

The talented artist, Cottonbook from Cottonbook Goods made the banner which is the features image for this read-a-thon!

Now, onto the prompts…!

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Why I’m Going Mostly Digital

Years ago, when I was in high school, my mom wanted to get me a Kindle for Christmas. I turned down the offer, but ended up winning a Kindle at my retail job a few months later. I was hesitant to try eBooks due to preferring physical books. But I wanted to use this Kindle and give eBooks a try. Once I got into college and I discovered that digital text books were much more affordable, I ended up getting into eBooks. But the difference in cost isn’t the only reason why I love eBooks.

I’m now a graduate student, almost a decade later, and now prefer eBooks. I am now unhauling most of my books, keeping a few favorites, and am mainly getting digital copies. Here’s why!

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Discovering Audiobooks

I only discovered audiobooks in recent years on YouTube through advertisements of one of the audiobook services available through Amazon. I was curious about audiobooks, but considered myself a quick reader as I adapted to fast-paced courses on top of working. While in class, we quickly went through one book to another –sometimes several a week– and I needed to keep on top of assignments and readings. I was worried about the pacing of audiobooks and if I would be able to fit this different format with my schedule. But I was still curious. After reading academic articles and rhetoric for a few semesters, I wanted to be able to enjoy books at my leisure again–and become knowledgeable about a newer format.

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