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Sailor Moon Colourpop Collection

Colourpop released a Sailor Moon makeup collection. This was apparently a  highly requested collection. The overwhelming demand of the items, particularly the palette , didn’t surprise me. It sold out during the initial release within minutes on the Colourpop website. Ulta then released it again. I went in-person and spoke to an employee, who said… Continue reading Sailor Moon Colourpop Collection


What Would Make a Perfect Sailor Moon Adaptation?

Sailor Moon has several adaptations. There is the 90’s anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, several musicals, a live action series, and of course, the original manga! I love Sailor Moon and grew up with the original English dub. Although the series does have its flaws throughout different adaptations that I do discuss, it has introduced me to… Continue reading What Would Make a Perfect Sailor Moon Adaptation?

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Super Live Review and Experience: NYC

The Sailor Moon Super Live was almost sold out when I managed to get a ticket. I had seats towards the back,  but I felt so grateful for this gift, and the rare chance to see the actresses portray the characters in person! For many events from Japan catered to anime fans, shows are streamed on a movie theater screen, meaning the cast is not shown live. This event is a great example of the popularity of events such as this in the anime community. 


Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3: Sailor Mars

It’s been awhile, but I am back with another review! Episode three is known for it’s rather…interesting animation and I came into this with preconceptions of the initial web release. But what I’ve noticed after my first two reviews, is that the animation from the first episode appears to be the Bluray version, (at least … Continue reading Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3: Sailor Mars


Sailor Moon Crystal: Reviews Announcement

Sailor Moon is a series with many adaptations and versions. In 2016 after much anticipation, a remake of the original anime called Sailor Moon Crystal was released. There was…mixed reception on this series. I’m going to review each episode to see how they all hold up. But to kick things off, I want to share… Continue reading Sailor Moon Crystal: Reviews Announcement