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January 2021 Update: Reading Roundup, Status on Podcast, and Thoughts on TBRS

I’m sorry for the unannounced hiatus! I finished grad school recently, and needed to rest for a bit after dedicating myself to my studies. I’ve also been in a bit of a reading slump and dealing with a bit of writer’s block.

I will try to make these update posts every so often. I might not be able to make them on a monthly basis, though I do find update posts a bit fun to make. This is a mixture of a recent reads roundup, as well as general house cleaning for the blog!

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Making Reading Goals For the New Year

I’ve realized that I’m am not the type of person who likes new year’s resolutions. They work for some folks, but for me, making massive yearly reading goals has always been a bit daunting. Overtime I’ve recognized that smaller goals are more attainable for me–and have the potential to turn into larger-scale goals.

Despite my thoughts on new year’s resolutions, transitioning from one year to another does give a good opportunity to reflect and work on smaller goals!

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My Fall TBR

My to be read (TBR) lists tend to be rather up in the air. Sometimes I may pick up one book one month and revisit it several months later. Rather than monthly TBR lists, I decided to make a seasonal list. I am in my last semester of graduate school and classes are rather heavy. I found myself reading a bit less than usual for leisure. However, I discovered audio books –and found that I was able to multitask with school and enjoy books in a different format…and read even more!

I discovered the apps Libby and Hoopla recently from my local libraries–both applications offer eBooks and audio books while supporting the locations. I highly recommend asking your local library about digital circulation.

Anyway, let’s get onto My Fall TBR!

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